There are plenty of good Christian authors who are being published these days. Some of these authors are fiction authors who write inspiring novels about God and how He touches the lives of ordinary people, while others are non-fiction authors who write about truths found in the Bible. Regardless of whether one is a fiction or a non-fiction author, it is important for each and every Christian author to study the Bible thoroughly before writing anything. Studying the Bible thoroughly means having an in depth reading of the passages or scriptures found in the Bible. It entails doing more than just surface reading.

Marilyn Taplin is a great example of an author who has done exactly just what she needs to do as a Christian author – study the Bible. Her book A Law From Eden, particularly, is a product of Marilyn Taplin’s years of Biblical research that seeks to understand clearly the instruction of God for mankind. A Law From Eden specifically touches on the subject of human sexuality (a somewhat controversial and highly debated subject nowadays) and Marilyn Taplin’s extensive research on it definitely helped her form convincing arguments that are consistent to the message of God. Just like A Law From Eden, every Christian book out there bears the responsibility of being as biblically accurate as possible. There are plenty of reasons, particularly, why Christian authors need to study the Bible thoroughly.

They should study the Bible to avoid misinterpretation

The Bible is often a misinterpreted book. There are many verses, passages, and stories in the Holy Scripture which are oftentimes taken out of context. Many Christians and non-Christians alike misunderstand, misquote, or misuse these verses and passages to the point of confusion. Particularly, when the scripture is cherry-picked, there is a great tendency for a verse to be misunderstood and misrepresented. To avoid doing this, Christian authors need to study the Bible in depth. They must go beyond just reading a passage and cherry-picking the ideas that they want the said passage to represent. To be able to write a biblically precise book, Christian authors must first see to it that they have a firm grasp of the Bible and know how to interpret its content rightfully.

They should study the Bible to send the right message across

More often than not, the misinterpretation of the Bible results to faulty conclusions or inaccurate meanings. When Christian authors fail to get a good grasp of the Bible, they often fall into the trap of sending the wrong message across in their books. This can be harmful. It can lead other people, especially the non-Christians, to form conclusions and beliefs about God and His teachings, which are not, in the first place, correct. So, instead of trying to help spread the Word of God, these authors might even end up creating a division within Christianity. For this reason, Christian authors really bear a great responsibility in ensuring that what they understand and write about is accurate and consistent to true message of God.

They should study the Bible to build more credibility

Although not as important as the two previous purposes, author credibility is also one of the reasons why Christian authors need to study the Bible thoroughly. When an author has spent years on studying the Bible, there is a great tendency for other people to see him or her as someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy when it comes to biblical matters. His or her book then becomes more convincing and credible, as in the case of Marilyn Taplin and her book A Law From Eden. Because Marilyn Taplin herself has years of experience in biblical research, her book A Law From Eden appears to be more credible as a source of Christian values compared to a book that is written only based on someone’s mere opinion or understanding.

Ultimately, studying the Bible is not just an option, but rather a prerequisite to writing a book that talks about God and His teachings and instructions. Having a thorough study of the Bible saves authors from the possibility of misinterpreting anything written in the Holy Scripture. Similarly, doing so allows them to be as biblically accurate as possible and credible as Christian authors. Indeed, it is necessary for all Christian authors out there to study the Bible in depth because it benefits not only them, but their readers most importantly. In essence, Christian books that are written by authors who have studied the Bible generally echo the words of God more clearly for other people to understand more profoundly.

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