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I chose this book because I found the subject matter to be quite interesting. A Law From Eden is determined to break down and decipher parts of the Bible that may be confusing or controversial to some people. As most of us know, the Bible is not the easiest book to read, and despite being someone who grew up in a Christian household that went to church on Sundays and most major holidays, I still had very little understanding of the complex writings of the Bible. I enjoyed the Bible stories in Sunday school, as well as what my family and I would discuss at home, but this book touches on so much more than Noah’s ark and David and Goliath. It talks about topics that may be taboo in certain parts of the world.

The first part of the book delves into Adam and Eve and what is known as Original Sin. The author defines for the reader what the sex of Sodom and Gomorrah is and what the Bible says about different types of sex, including homosexuality. This book is for the more mature reader of the Bible who would like to discuss topics such as these.

The second part of the book deals with light versus darkness. The author proceeds to explain what many of the key terms of the Bible mean, including wickedness, deceit, and inventors of evil things. This part of the book was particularly interesting because it speaks about mercy and compassion for those who have given in to evil. It also talks about the church and its failures. It speaks about how many ministers are disillusioned and actually very lost souls themselves. Judgment Day is coming and the only one who can truly judge is Jesus. The author quotes many verses of the Bible so that the reader understands what “the world” is in terms of the Bible. Basically, the end of the world means the end of unnatural sex (described in this book as oral and anal sex).

The third part of the book speaks of Law and again uses Bible verses to help the reader understand the meaning of this word as it is used in the Book. It also speaks about several of the Ten Commandments and digs deeper into their meaning.

A Law of Eden considers very heavy subject matter. It took me a while to finish because each chapter was very thought provoking. Many of the ideas in the book could be considered controversial, yet they make great topics of discussion for a more mature Bible group. Recommended for those who love studying and interpreting the Bible.
Reviewed by Kristi Elizabeth


1 star: Reviewer wouldn’t recommend this book at all.
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3 stars: Reviewer enjoyed the book.
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