Tulsa Book Review

Star Rating: 3.5 / 5 I chose this book because I found the subject matter to be quite interesting. A Law From Eden is determined to break down and decipher parts of the Bible that may be confusing or controversial to some people. As most of us know, the Bible is not...

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San Francisco Book Review

Star Rating: 5 / 5 Author Marilyn Taplin makes it clear that we have two choices: God or Satan. She lets us know that there really is no middle ground, and she goes to answer the questions: What is sin Why hasn’t Christianity saved the world by now? Why can’t...

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The US Review of Books

"Sin is always foolishness. Original sin is always from Satan. Sin is always fatal, even when done in ignorance." What is original sin? The author is sincerely convinced that it is fornication, which, she asserts, refers to any sexual act except vaginal intercourse...

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Pacific Book Review

A Law from Eden is a thought-provoking text about God and interpretations about life since Adam and Eve. Marilyn Taplin has written a book that will spark conversation among readers. A Law from Eden takes an in-depth look at the Bible and specific interpretations of...

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