“Sin is always foolishness. Original sin is always from Satan. Sin is always fatal, even when done in ignorance.”
What is original sin? The author is sincerely convinced that it is fornication, which, she asserts, refers to any sexual act except vaginal intercourse between a man and woman. Therefore, all oral sex acts, which Taplin says were enjoyed in Eden by Adam and Eve, and all anal sex acts constitute the sin that continues to plague and destroy our world, whether experienced by heterosexuals or homosexuals. The Bible foretells that a remnant—144,000 people—will share in the Messianic end time. That small number indicates the prevalence of this sin, worse than almost any other, including theft, lying, and envy. Taplin’s theory is demonstrated in the Old Testament story of David, who committed adultery but did not commit the sins to which she refers and therefore did not “fall.” Sodom, Gomorrah, and Babylon all represent the deadness associated with original sin, evident in the escalating crime and mayhem that surrounds us.

The author has made a study of her treatise for over four decades, even sending letters containing thought-provoking questions about the dangers of oral sex to major cancer research centers. Her writing is clear and highly organized, substantiating her claim to having done assiduous research. Her cosmology is complex, often standing in contradiction to standard Christian theology, as when she asserts that Jesus’ life was not without wrongdoing, that his birth was “natural” rather than “virgin,” and that his cross should be seen not as wooden but symbolic. Hope comes with baptism and repentance, the reappearance of Jesus, and the choice of true Christians to avoid original sin and enter the Promised Land. Readers, including Christians, who espouse different definitions and beliefs may find her ideas radical; in that light, she offers a gentle advisory to use “logic, common sense, judgment and reason” in considering her message.

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