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Author Marilyn Taplin makes it clear that we have two choices: God or Satan. She lets us know that there really is no middle ground, and she goes to answer the questions:

What is sin
Why hasn’t Christianity saved the world by now?
Why can’t Christians get along with one another?
Why does America seem more immoral now than in the 1950s?
What’s gone wrong in America?
Why is there so much hurt and unhappiness?
Where does real happiness come from?
Where does hate originate?
What is love?
Does God love the sexually perverse?
What will really happen at the end of time?
How can I know I will go to heaven?
Where do we go when we die?

She uses the Bible and scripture. As a Christian, I can identify with all she is saying, and I appreciate that her biblical views can be controversial. I see this book as great for Bible study. The chapters that I enjoyed reading is The War Between Good and Evil and The Wise and the Foolish. I also enjoyed reading The Last Days. Taplin also breaks down the Ten Commandments and what they mean. She defines original sin as what happened in the Garden of Eden, and is very thorough in using the Bible as she dives into a sexuality discussion, which I can see being up for discussion and interpretation. There are somethings that she discussed that I was not comfortable with because that chapter wasn’t really my style of reading. She talks about the Bible as she sees it.

Overall, her theme is that, even as denominations, we should put our differences aside for the Body of Christ. “Every church needs to put aside its own doctrine and replace it with the doctrine of Jesus Christ: the law is from God and the law will unify the churches in truth.” In each commandment chapter, Talpin is very descriptive and detailed, which I appreciate. She points out that to get to the right place with God, we have to return back to him we have received, and that requires looking inward at ourselves. We can no longer blame others or things for our actions. I love how she ended the book stating the Lord’s prayer.

If you are looking for a good discussion of the Bible, I suggest you pick up this book.
Reviewed by Tamara South

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