Important Qualities of a True Christian

What rules and regulations should you follow to become a true Christian? You might think it’s complicated. But really, it all boils down on how you glorify God with the life you live. There are many ways on how you can honor Him. You can begin by having a great relationship with God as Jesus says. The Christian word is given to Jesus Christ’s followers. What does it mean to be Christ’s Followers? It means to embody within oneself all of Jesus’ actions and doings. Through this, a person will get to be a true disciple.

Below are some of the ways to have the qualities of a true Christian:

A True Christian is Full of Wisdom

Having the knowledge of what is true and right makes a good Christian. This is why expanding your understanding with the words of God is necessary. You can do this by reading books that discuss. A Law from Eden: Solving the Mystery of Original by Marilyn Taplin is an excellent example. It will give you a grasp about sensitive topics that you wouldn’t typically hear, such as how the misunderstanding of human sexuality leads to immoral humanity. This book is a product of years of extensively studying the bible. Thus, you can expect that it coincides with the message of God. Reading this will help you gain wisdom leading you to know the proper and right path of how a society should work. 

A True Christian Obeys

As mentioned, Jesus Christ is the leader of all true Christians. Through Him, people can see the perfect model of obedience. It is a way for you to show how much you worship God, proving our love towards Him. When you submit yourself to the commands of the Creator, you will live a well-disciplined life. If you want to do it successfully, you have to practice it in your day to day life. A way is to look at temptations as an enemy. This will help you avoid all the unnecessary desires in life. Hence, it guides you to live a meaningful and happy life. 

A True Christian is Humble 

Having humility is one of the most powerful attributes of a person. Do you know God’s words about being humble? It says that being modest will remove unimportant pride within yourself. There are a lot of ways wherein you can develop and cultivate this attribute. First, you have to listen to what others are saying. Don’t make it look like you are just listening, you also need to understand how their sentiments. This way, you will avoid judging them. Next, be thankful for what you have. You have to avoid to brag about your achievements and possessions. They are borrowed things. Remember to always be grounded to experience the glory of God.  

A True Christian Gives

Generosity means giving without counting the cost. If you want to make yourself giving, you can start by thinking of all the things you can do. When you are giving, you are capable of making a difference in your own circle. You can influence people to do the same. Start small, it does not have to be grand. It’s the thought that counts. It can make your life abundant with God.

A True Christian is Kindhearted

Kindness is such a wonderful word. Everyone should see it as a way to make themselves happier. Showing kindness will make you compassionate towards others, which highly characterizes a true Christian. Being kind does not only benefit the people surrounding you is also beneficial for yourself. When people appreciate you, you will feel warn and accomplished. Showing kindness is a give and take. Makes you respect others and yourself. Exhibiting kindness will connect you with God better as He has instructed you.

A True Christian has Steadfast Loyalty 

The most important commandment is to love God. But what does it really mean? Loving God requires you to be loyal to Him against all. Just like how He has steadfast love for all of His people, you also have to do the same. Every Christian in this world has a core goal of establishing a relationship with God. These qualities listed above are only a few that you should follow so that the essence of a true Christian will appear in you.

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