The Need for More Christian Authors Today

Marilyn Taplin is an established Christian author from Mount Vernon, Washington. Her most recent book, A Law from Eden: Solving the Mystery of the Original Sin, is a reflective and thought-provoking work of literature that talks about several issues of the society today from a Christian perspective. Here, Marilyn Taplin particularly looks to the Bible to show that the true original sin is not pride nor the seeking of knowledge about good and evil. Instead, the original sin is an act of sexual perversion. As an author, the main goal of Marilyn Taplin is to share the truth that comes from God Himself no matter how difficult to swallow it might be for many people.

In today’s world where everyone else seems to have already forgotten about the commandments and promises of God, Christian authors like Marilyn Taplin, who is not afraid to scrutinize the society in defense of God’s Word, are very much needed. As humans become more and more sinful these days, the need for more Christian authors keeps on increasing too. These Christian authors play various essential roles in keeping the world away from the darkness of sin.

Christian Authors as Reminders of God’s Commandments

As the world continues to wallow in sinfulness, there is a greater need for Christian authors to write about the Word of God. These Christian authors serve as reminders of the commandments that God Himself has laid down in the Bible. Indeed, people are becoming more and more sinful these days. Almost everywhere in the world today, there exists chaos, immorality, violence, and apostasy. Many people no longer keep the commandments of God. They just allow the temptation of sin to devour their flesh entirely in exchange for earthly pleasure. Oftentimes, these people live greedy lives so much to the point of harming others in pursuit of selfish ambitions and conceit. Of course, this is not what God wants His people to be doing. God wants His people to reject sin and obey His commandments because it is what is best for them. Christian authors have the responsibility of reminding people about this will of God.

Christian Authors as Spreaders of the Good News

The world has always been sinful. No one is impeccable enough to avoid sinning. Each and every person on this earth has sins. Because of this, fear and anxiety are inevitable within the community. Oftentimes, many people, especially Christians, cannot help but be afraid and anxious about what awaits them on the day of judgement. Are they going to be punished by God? Is there a way for them to be saved from their sins? The answers to these questions have already been given by God Himself through the gospel. The gospel contains the message of the good news of salvation. It tells a tale of hope by declaring that salvation has already arrived in the form of Jesus Christ – if a person repents and accepts Jesus Christ as the one true savior, then he or she may be saved from the darkness of sin. This good news is intended to be spread across the world, and Christian authors play a crucial role in this. Christian authors are needed to spread the good news of salvation.

Christian Authors as Servers of God’s Community

The community of God needs more people who are willing to dedicate their time, effort, and resources to spreading the gospel across nations and serving God in truth and in spirit. As the world continues to bask in sin, there is an increasing need for the expansion of the Christian community so that the Word of God will reach even those who are most sinful. To accomplish this, the service of Christian authors is very much needed. Generally, literature is powerful as a persuasive tool. Literature can inform, convince, and enlighten people. Because of this, writing essays, poems, books, etc. about God may be one of the best ways to making Him and His Word known to the world. Being a Christian author, therefore, is a great service to the grand community of God.

In conclusion, Christian authors play a very important role in the community today. During these modern times when the world is in constant chaos, immorality, and apostasy, Christian authors serve as reminders of God’s commandments, spreaders of the good news, and servers of the community that God has built for His people. In other words, these Christian authors help keep the moral and spiritual fabric of the society together. For this reason, the importance of these great Christian authors like Marilyn Taplin deserves to be recognized and honored!

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