Ever since Christianity was formed. There have been many writers rising to not only spread the word of the Lord but also to provide information to bring people, of various races and status, towards God. These Christian authors write, specifically books, to reach more people and cover more areas to spread God’s teachings. According to Pew Research Center, the Christian religion will remain the largest among other religions in 2050. Every year more people are submitting themselves to Christianity. With the growing number of people finding faith towards the Lord, we must expect that there will be more people preaching the word of the Lord and sharing their own perspectives in biblical topics. Expect to find a lot of Christian blogs, articles, and books nowadays. We will see a rise of Christian authors in the industry. For this reason, this article will share writing tips that every Christian Authors should know to create a Godly and successful book.  

Embody the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

When reading a book about Christianity, the reader will always recognize the attitude and how strong the faith of the author is. The books written by authors are usually a reflection of what they are and what their perspective on certain subjects tackled in their books. Most Christians would know that we should embody the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of the Holy Spirit, also known as the fruit of the Spirit, is a term used in the Bible to sum up the traits that a person or community must possess. Epitomizing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, as stated in the Bible, will help believers grow in Christ. Therefore, if you are a Christian author who has hopes of bringing more believers to God must embody this. By personifying the fruit of the Spirit, this will reflect your work and in doing so will influence the reader.

Study the Bible Thoroughly

Just like any author, studying and researching about the topic you want to write about is a must. This is crucial in writing Christian books as this plays a huge role in making your book a hit. There are a myriad of books that tackle various biblical and sensitive topics. For instance, Marilyn Taplin tackles in her book, A Law from Eden, the topic on what the original sin is and contemporary LGBTQ communities which is sensitive and highly debated in this time. Taplin did extensive research with her book that she proved numerous points that are eye-openers. By studying the Bible, the contents of your book will be based on biblical truths and not just expressing things to sound smart. With this, you can express and justify an idea through a strong basis. Relevant notions will be delivered to the readers clearly and directly.

Ask Questions from Time to Time

Christian books are far-reaching. It can stretch to far locations and reach various people, believer and non-believer alike. We, humans, are entitled with our own opinions and interpretations. There will always be both sides in a topic. There will be people who will agree and there will be people who won’t. That is inevitable. Therefore, when writing your content, never hesitate to ask questions. This technique facilitates engagement. The questions in place will create a debate especially when the reader disagrees with your opinion. The reader will be forced to consider his or her own interpretation and opinion. This is not an act of rebellion by questioning God. But rather, questioning allows openness to new ideas and acceptance after understanding. The power of questioning is great that it does not make you fall from God’s grace. Asking the right questions provides greater wisdom and further understanding of our faith. These questions will help the reader validate his or her ways or the ways of human beings as a whole.

Make it Easy to Understand

As we all know, the contents of the Bible and Scriptures are written in a way that it provides numerous meanings. It depends on how it is interpreted by the reader. When writing a Christian book it is crucial to write it in a manner where anyone can understand easily. The goal of almost all Christian books is to open the eyes of the people from the truth and to move them. If the content of the book is not written well it will cause confusion to the reader. Other than confusion, if the book is hard to understand, then the message you wanted to relay will not reach the reader. And instead of finishing the book, the reader will put down the book. Now, it is not what anyone would want to happen to their books. Books with hard to read and comprehend will make the readers lose interest. Therefore, as much as possible consider this advice. Make it easy-to-read content instead. Edit and edit until you can claim that it is reader friendly.

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